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Our Team

WW2 Vehicle Rentals manages the world's largest private network of World War II German military tanks, vehicles, artillery and props for use on the big screen. Whether for a documentary or a World War II screen epic, WW2 Vehicle Rentals can supply you with the eye-catching, gear-grinding hardware that will set your project apart from the competition. Don’t settle for CGI, let us provide you with the living, breathing, ground-shaking real thing. Our equipment and expertise is based right here in the central United States. You don’t have to take your production on a costly overseas excursion. We can provide you with all the vehicles, military equipment, set locations, featured extras and scene staging guidance that you’ll need to make your project a huge success.

  • Charles Bolanis III

    Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer / President

    CEO, President, Founder and majority owner of WW2 Vehicle Rentals LLC. Charles has been in the WW2 vehicle business for over 13 years and has been working in the film industry since 2010. Located in Indianapolis, IN. He studied Communication and Culture at Indiana University. Charles is a 12-year veteran with ADT Corporate as a Business Territory Manager. He is also a WW2 Vehicle owner and is the President of the World War 2 Historical Reenactment Society, the country’s largest non-for-profit WW2 Reenacting Organization. He has overseen Safety and Authenticity for the society for over 6 years. Chuck (as he is known to friends) has been interested in WW2 for as long as he can remember. Chuck founded the company in 2021 after years of performing similar work for films like "Operation Seawolf", "Wunderland" and "Come out Fighting" and has worked with actors like Tom Berenger, Billy Zane, Dolph Lundgren, Tyrese Gibson, Kellan Lutz, Hiram Murray and Jon Reis Davies.

  • Jason McGinnis

    Chief Financial Officer

    CFO for WW2 Vehicle Rentals LLC, is a member of the Board and minority owner. Jason is a manager at Raytheon Technologies and has been responsible for factory operations. He also has experience in chemicals, hazardous waste and explosives while at Raytheon. Jason is a veteran of the US Air Force and has a B.S. in Environment & Business Management from Purdue University. He is a member of the WW2 Historical Reenactment Society and he appeared on the set of “Come Out Fighting” as a featured extra.