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Small and lighter than the Tanks and halftracks, these vehicles can easily take a project from "short film" status to "serious production" with just a few on set. The Germans used many version of trucks. Many of them were built by German companies like Opel and Mercedes but ironically, they also had many "Ford" trucks. Ford had plants in Germany that made trucks prior to the war and eventually the armaments industry commandeered these factories and made trucks for the German army. This is why you'll notice Ford trucks in our inventory. Most cars are the iconic "Kubelwagen" or peoples car, made by Volkswagen on the instruction of Adolf Hitler to put a car in every home in Germany. We also have many motorcycles with the famous sidecar. These are great for a wide variety of scenes from those involving General Officer escorts, vehicle escorts and reconnaissance duties. Plus they are just fun!

Image of Opel Blitz

Opel Blitz

Image of 1941 Ford

1941 Ford

Image of 1942 Borgward B 3000 S/O

1942 Borgward B 3000 S/O

Image of Mercedes L701 G

Mercedes L701 G

Image of Opel Sdkfz 3 Maultier

Opel Sdkfz 3 Maultier

Image of Opel Blitz 6700A

Opel Blitz 6700A

Image of VW Kubelwagen 1941 C

VW Kubelwagen 1941 C

Image of BMW R71 C1

BMW R71 C1

Image of BMW R71 C2

BMW R71 C2

Image of BMW R71 E


Image of BMW R75 A


Image of VW Kubelwagen 1944 R

VW Kubelwagen 1944 R

Image of VW Kubelwagen 1942 G

VW Kubelwagen 1942 G

Image of Opel Cadet Staff Car

Opel Cadet Staff Car

Image of 1939 Chevy

1939 Chevy

Image of VW Kubelwagen 1944 M

VW Kubelwagen 1944 M

Image of 1941 Ford V3000s M

1941 Ford V3000s M

Image of 1941 Ford V3000s A

1941 Ford V3000s A

Image of 1938 Ford 1-ton Truck

1938 Ford 1-ton Truck

Image of 1942 Steyer 1500-A G

1942 Steyer 1500-A G

Image of 1943 RSO

1943 RSO

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