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Tanks and Armored Cars

Within our inventory, we carry a wide array of "Tanks" which we use as a general term. Our collection contains main battle tanks like the Panzer II, Panzer IV and the Panzer VI Tiger but also includes self-propelled assault guns like the Stug and self-propelled anti-tank guns like the Hetzer and Marder. All of them are tracked and very heavy. There is nothing that can replace the roar of the engines mixed with the sensation of the ground shaking when these vehicles rumble by on set. Armored reconnaissance vehicles or better known as "Armored Cars" are also large and heavy and very eye-appealing. They steal the eye when on set and add another dimension of realism and scope along with the heavier armor. It just can't be duplicated by CGI and these items are extremely rare but very accessible to those using our network. Just about all of these can also fire their main cannon, most use black powder charges that are safe but also noisy and realistic, others use propane gas adapted devices to simulate firing which are also safe and realistic.

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