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1942 Steyer 1500-A G


This is an original Steyer and is currently configured to an earlier production model, around 1942. It can be used as a command car or a troop carrier and is readily available. It is considered rare in our inventory.

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The Steyr 1500A was a light truck used by Germans during World War 2. Production of the 1500A began in 1941 by the Austrian company Steyr-Daimler-Puch. Two versions were created, one as a troop carrier and another as a command car. The 1500A saw extensive use throughout the rest of World War 2 with various branches and formations in the Wehrmact, including the Waffen-SS and the Afrika Korps. Production ended after being cancelled in 1944, by which time some 18,000 vehicles had been produced.


Image of 1942 Steyer 1500-A G
Image of 1942 Steyer 1500-A G
Image of 1942 Steyer 1500-A G
Image of 1942 Steyer 1500-A G

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