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Panzer VI Tiger


The iconic German Heavy Tiger tank. The only one of it's kind in North America.

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The Tiger I was a German Heavy Tank that began operating in 1942 in Africa and the Soviet Union. It mounted a devastating 88mm gun that had no rival. 1347 were built between August 1942 and August 1944. Only 7 remain today with only 1 in working order at the United Kingdom’s tank museum. Tiger 131 was famously featured in Fury starring Brad Pitt. This replica Tiger was built over the course of 6 years in England and is the only accurate and working model of a Tiger Tank in the world. Other replica Tigers have been used in films like Saving Private Ryan, but this is the only one that was close to being accurate, so accurate it actually fooled museum curators in Germany who thought it was an actual Tiger Tank. They demanded the serial number from the hull for their historical records and only after visual inspection did they realize it was a replica. This is the flagship vehicle of WW2 Vehicle Rentals and is the epitome of rare.


Image of Panzer VI Tiger
Image of Panzer VI Tiger
Image of Panzer VI Tiger
Image of Panzer VI Tiger

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